FAQs & NTKs (Nice to Knows)

FAQs & NTKs (Nice to Knows)


A. 2ml and 3ml glass bottles 

A. 25 to 30.

A. 40 to 45.

A. Orders Are Shipped Within 3 Business Days.

A. Currently, we only ship to Continental US – check back in with us later on this one or shoot us an email.

A. Not at this time, but that may be an option at some point in the future.

A. All fragrance information can be found on fragrance fact sites - we recommend the Fragrantica website.

A. Because decants can be opened and tampered with, we do not accept returns.

A. Atomizers are sealed to glass bottles, but we recommend checking for tightness periodically.

A. We are leaving that open and up to you as we feel this is really a personal preference - again, check Fragratica for everything you may want to know about a particular fragrance, including personal posts.

Pleroma Fragrance



Decants = 2ml or 3ml travel-size glass spray bottles
Journey = 12 decants
Hikes = 3 decant
Tiers = Selection of fragrances by price range (Tier1 / lowest - Buried treasures / highest)
Buried Treasure (or BT) = Coveted fragrance gem


  • A Journey is made up of 12 Tiers. One fragrance from each Tier
  • There are 3 different destinations to Journey which is dependent on your BT selection
  • Your destination will depend on your Buried Treasure choice
  • A Journey comes in a very posh custom-made drawer box



  • A Hike (like a mini Journey) is made up of 3 Tiers
  • There are 3 Hikes to choose from (Tiers 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9)
  • Hikes come in a standard 3.5 x 3.5-inch black jewelry-type box

Letter Designations

Keep in mind that the percentage of notes in a fragrance designation (EDT / EDP / Elixir / Et Cetera) is a range. So, an upper range ETC concentration may last as long as a lower range EDP. It's best to check Fragrantica for fragrance durations. Also , opinions are personal and a lot depends on where you spray, live, body chemistry, how much you apply and other factors. Also, also, keep in mind that the type of fragrances matters - Citrus's (summer type juices) won't last as long as heavier juices like ouds & ambers. Just take your bottle with you and add as you feel like it. You'll find that some of these mid to upper-tiered fragrances will last for hours and in some cases (on your clothes) days.  

HTF = Hard to Find

VF = Vintage Formula

RG = Rare Gem

LQ = Limited Quantiles

DC = Discontinued

BO = Body Oil

LE = Limited Edition

TX = Tier Number

BTX = Buried Treasure Tier #

BM = Body Mist

CI = Cologne Intense

EDP = Eau de Parfum

EF = Eau Fraiche

EDT = Eau de Toilette

EDPI = Eau de Parfum Intense

EDC = Eau de Cologne

EDTI = Eau de Toilette Intense

EXP = Elixir de Parfum