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About Pleroma

About Pleroma

Pləˈrōmə ~ The totality or fullness of the Godhead which dwells in Christ.

I recall donning fragrances like Brut, Old Spice, and Hai Karate back in the day. Little did I know then that the quest had begun. If you're reading this, you are probably all too familiar with the "quest." You know, that relentless pursuit to unearth the next "WOW" factor from a bottle of juice. I've realized along the way that the beauty of my quest is that the satisfaction seemed temporary – I mean not for the long term. Before I knew it I was back on the trek. Yes, I may find THE ONE (pun intended), but it eventually becomes just another conquest frag that I used to know - well probably still love. And so, on we go, in search of the next WOW. Unbeknownst to us, the Fragrance Journey becomes like songs from our past that leave footprints in our memories of loved ones, special moments, and places. A single spray can take you back to a place and time like nothing else in this world. And the beauty is, we are making those memorial footprints as life goes on - with each and every spritz. What a beautiful thing to have in a little glass bottle! So, Journey with us. Take a bottle on your next trip, date, concert, picnic, or reunion.

You must know it will create an indelible timestamp!

My love for fragrances brought me here with you. I wanted to share as much and as many of these WOWs as I could with my fellow fragrance lovers. And I brought a few rare gems along with me that you might enjoy. Maybe they'll strike a chord. Have some fun with it. Dial back the time machine or start a new memory. Please know that this website has been years in the making. It is original and unparalleled (as of today a least). And will always be the first of its kind. Again, have fun creating your customized backpack and JOURNEY ON!

Fragrantica alone has over 70 thousand fragrances in its catalog. No one can possibly smell them all. But this is a good place to start! 

Our Mission: Treat our customers like family, with integrity and respect.

Sincerely, Venus, Gary and the Pleroma family

And so… Let The Journey Begin!!!

Created for Those Who:

  • Love to silage
  • Can't get enough frag
  • Want to get their "Beast Mode On."
  • Don't want any more expensive BBBs ~blind buy blunders~
  • Appreciate the variety of life in a juice
  • Take their juice seriously and with them wherever you go
  • Keep an arsenal of aromas at their disposal
  • Hate membership commitments – did we mention we are not a club and have No membership fees
  • Understand the juice is the end goal, but know that the thrill is in the hunt
  • Find out too late that your $180 bottle of cologne gives you a migraine
  • Thought you'd love the scent because it smelled good in the store or on someone else

Our team really does care about each and every one of you. We'll treat you like we would want to be treated, and we pray that you'll find this true.

May God bless you on this and every Journey!

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