Pleroma's Fragrance Catalog At-A-Glance

Pleroma's Fragrance Catalog At-A-Glance

  • Here's the best page to search for fragrances by house or by name ~ simply use 'ctrl + F' to search

  • If it's listed below, it's in stock

  • Remember is the ultimate guide for fragrance research ~ there you'll find everything you'd want to  know about most any fragrance ~ if the juice is not there or you still have questions just give us a holler  

  • Note: After finding your fragrance choices here, we recommend jotting them down then viewing them on the Fragrance Tier page. There, you can see the actual bottle that your fragrance choices will be Decanted from ~ or, clicking on a fragrance here will route you to the corresponding Tier on the Fragrance Tier page

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